Surface level isn’t our level.

The heart of engagement is in the research and understanding. The more we understand you, the problem you’re trying to solve and the people you’re trying to engage, the better the solution we can create.

Here’s how we approach every project:


1. The brief

On receipt of the brief, we spend time working with you to understand the problems you’re trying to solve, the people you’re trying to engage, and the results you’re looking to achieve.

2. The options

Taking forward our understanding, we take an initial look at the potential solutions we can consider at this stage, and what we can rule out.


1. The client - brand

we review how different solutions would fit with your brand, how it will be perceived and what we need to consider.

2. The client - organisation

we take time to understand the organisational impact of any changes and how this will affect your teams, day to day.

3. The audience

our team take an in-depth look at who you’re trying to engage with, understanding what drives their actions and their decisions, and what barriers and problems they’re facing.

4. The psychology

we match all this with an understanding of how we can ‘nudge’ people in the right direction, through use of elements such as gamification, behavioural economics, language type and tone.


We take everything we know and look through a fresh pair of eyes to find effective ways to engage, create and solve. It could lead to an application, an animation, or a brand-new automation– the answer is in the understanding.


Executing the solution is just the start. We work with you and everyone you’re trying to engage to test, trial and refine – before delivering the final, polished product.

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Working across digital, design, words and film, we work with you to understand your business and the people you interact with, to create engaging solutions.

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