Services & Portfolio

Content Creation

Our team have been trusted to produce enthralling, charismatic content for some of the biggest media outlets and businesses on the planet.

We focus on creating engaging, rich content to not just attract followers, but to create brand advocates.

Whether we’re building a website to make a company more accessible, designing infographics to increase awareness or producing clean, jargon-free news updates for public-sector organisations, we have the experience and the skills to tell the story you want telling, to the people who will want to hear it.

Talk to us about building stylish websites, designing delightful graphics, constructing captivating written words, delivering engaging social media content, producing professional film and audio and managing all kinds of customer communications.

Public relations

Public relations isn’t just about earning media coverage. It’s about inspiring actions and creating conversations to deliver returns on investment.

We base our ideas around your brand and your values to ensure coverage not only makes it on to the news agendas, but in to the psyche of potential customers.

How do we know the Jump approach works? From our experience of delivering public relations campaigns for the likes of FTSE 100 companies, public-sector organisations and charities, through to small businesses and start-up companies.

Earning coverage across traditional print media and radio, digital media outlets and social media channels, we keep the audience at the heart of every campaign and every idea.

With years of journalism experience to go hand in hand with our PR expertise, we’re also adept at running and managing press office services, for companies large and small.

Challenge us to create a public relations campaign for your brand!

Events and Experiences

From managing small, round-table corporate events to producing audience entertainment at international sporting championships, we’ve delivered exciting, memorable events across the spectrum of large to small.

The key to a successful event is to shape every last detail to the values and image of each individual client – no two events are ever the same.

Jump’s team are adept at managing the whole process from start to finish – from the concept or idea to finding venues, managing any media activity and making sure the caterers are in place on time.

Thinking of hosting an event or experience for your clients? Tell us what you’re thinking of and we’ll help make it a reality.


Jump is delighted to be able to support registered charities through the provision of services at cost price.

We’re passionate about giving back to the local community, which is exactly why we are in the process of starting the Jump Foundation – a charitable foundation that will help youngsters, no matter what their background, gain access to expert sports coaching and structured sports activity. We believe it an essential part of learning, and should be a right for all our children, no matter what the financial situation of their families.

We want to make sure as much money as possible is used by good causes to effect change on the ground, where it is needed and where it matters most. So with that in mind, we decided to wipe any profit off our fees when working with charities, and only request our costs are covered. Simple.

If you’re a charity who needs our expertise, give us a call – we’d be only too happy to help!