The Jump Manifesto

There’s a million agencies out there in agency land doing similar things to what we here at Jump pride ourselves on delivering. But we want to be more than the work we deliver. We know from the feedback we receive that we do a grand job – but it’s about more than that.

We want those who work with us to be inspired, to go the extra mile, to aim higher and to truly value people and relationships – whether that’s people who represent Jump or people who choose Jump to represent them: employees and clients, in the words of others.

We know we embody this ethos day in, day out. But we wanted to be more open about it, to tell the world exactly how we approach life and our business. So we set about creating the Jump Manifesto – a set of values that articulate what we live and breath, brought to life on the wall of our home at Jump Towers, for all to see.

At the same time, we’d been pondering how to say thanks to everyone we work with. We’d thought long and hard about what would truly represent us, and be valued and engaging to anyone who received it.

And then, while discussing craft ale, the lightbulb flickered – we love craft beer, so let’s give people something we love ourselves. The Jump American Pale Ale was born. And what better way to show who we are, by combining the two? Our Manifesto APA was born, equipped with a call to action on the can, welcoming people to come to see the Jump Manifesto in all its glory.

As our Manifesto says, we don’t do boring, we do BOOM! The Jump Manifesto APA is just another way of showing who we are; doing what we love, and loving what we do.