Jump Foundation

We’re still in the process of setting up the Jump Foundation.

But when it is fully functional, the Foundation will exist to help youngsters, no matter what their background, gain access to expert sports coaching and structured sports activity. We believe that taking part in sport is an essential part of learning and should be a right for all our children, no matter what the financial situation of their families or their physical ability.

Jump Foundation

The Jump team are all passionate about the power of sport and how it can inspire us to aim higher while teaching us valuable life lessons around commitment, discipline, team work, health… far too many things for us to list.

That’s why we want to give back to the community through the creation of the Jump Foundation, an idea that drives us day in, day out.

Jump is also delighted to be able to support registered charities through the provision of services at cost price.

We want to make sure as much money as possible is used by good causes to effect change on the ground, where it is needed and where it matters most. So with that in mind, we decided to wipe any profit off our fees when working with charities, and only request our costs are covered. Simple.

If you’re a charity who needs our expertise, give us a call – we’d be only too happy to help!