Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice

The client 

The University of Northampton’s Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice delivers world-leading research and insight to support radical innovation within public safety services and the criminal justice system.

The brief

Jump were asked to help the IPSCJ display and distribute their cutting-edge research to ensure it was digested quickly and easily so that it could inform changes in practice on the ground, without the need for the audience to read through the entire report.

Our strategy

We made sure the IPSCJ’s research publications stood out from the crowd by being design-led rather than simply featuring paragraphs and paragraphs of tiny text. We produced a series of infographics that were used across reports, on social media and as posters around police buildings to ensure key messages were accessed by the target audience.

We also implemented a soft content strategy that enhanced the publicity of research across the IPSCJ website and Twitter feeds, and produced blogs to ensure insight in to research methodology was available.

The result

The IPSCJ have been able to extend their influence and develop new opportunities through increased awareness of their research, while customers have seen an increase in engagement with research projects as a result of increased accessibility.

Director of the IPSCJ, Laura Knight, said: “Jump have played an integral role in ensuring that the academic output of our Institute is translated into messages and materials that are easily understood across a range of audiences. They listened to us, understood what we wanted to achieve and have produced a website, bespoke publication designs, infographics, blogs and videos which have made us really stand out from the crowd.

“On top of that they have managed to get the press and professional magazine editors interested in our work, increasing our impact and reach significantly. We’re looking forward to working with them on the next project!”